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Biologie 2002-72_5-45.pdf

Bulletin of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Biology / 72 - 2002 Herman, J., Hovestadt-Euler, M., Hovestadt, D.C. & Stehmann, M. 2002. Contributions to the study of the comparative morphology of teeth and other relevant ichthyodorulites in living subraspecific taxa of Chondrichthyan fishes. Part B: Batomorphii 4: Order Torpediniformes - Family Narcinidae - Subfamily Narcininae - Genera: Benthobatis, Diplobatis, Discopyge and Narcine, Subfamily Narkinae - Genera: Bengalichthys, Crassinarke, Heteronarce, Narke, Temera, and Typhlonarke, Family Torpedinidae - Subfamily Torpedininae - Genus: Torpedo - Subgenus: T.(Tetronarke) and T. (Torpedo) and Subfamily Hypninae - Genus: Hypnos.

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