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Stehmann, M. 2000.
Contributions to the study of the comparative morphology of teeth and other relevant ichtyodorulites in living supraspecific taxa of Chondrichthyan fishes.
Herman, J., Hovestadt-Euler, M., Hovestadt, D.C. & Stehmann, M. 2000.
Part B: Batomorphii 4c: Order Rajiformes - Suborder Myliobatoidei - Superfamily Dasyatoidea - Family Dasyatidae - Subfamily Dasyatinae - Genus: Urobatis, Subfamily Potamotrygoninae - Genus: Paratrygon, Superfamily Plesiobatoidea - Family Plesiobatidae - Genus: Plesiobatis, Superfamily Myliobatoidea - Family Myliobatidae - Subfamily Myliobatinae - Genera: Aetobatus, Aetomylaeus, Myliobatis and Pteromylaeus, Subfamily Rhinopterina - Genus: Rhinoptera and Subfamily Mobulinae - Genera: Manta and Mobula. Addendum 1 to 4a: erratum to Genus Pteroplatytrygon. 
Part B: Batomorphii Addendum 1 to 4a: Order Rajiformes - Suborder Myliobatoidei - Superfamily Dasyatoidea - Family Dasyatidae - Subfamily Dasyatinae - erratum Genus: Pteroplatytrygon.
pdf_small Bull70: 5-67

d'Udekem d'Acoz, C. 2000.
Description of Pseudocoutierea wirtzi sp. nov., a new cnidarian-associated pontoniine shrimp from Cap Verde Islands, with decalcified meral swellings in walking legs (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea).
pdf_small Bull. 70: 69-90

Martinez Arbizu, P. 2000.
A new species of Cyclopetta from the Laptev Sea (Arctic Ocean), with the recognition of Cyclopettidae fam. nov., a new monophylum of free-living Cyclopoida (Copepoda).
pdf_small Bull. 70: 91-101

Bruyndoncx, L., Jordaens, K., De Wolf, H., Meire, P. & Backeljau, T. 2000.
New records of Assiminea grayana Fleming, 1828, Myosotella myosotis (Draparnaud, 1801) and Pisidium subtruncatum Malm, 1855 (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Bivalvia) in the Scheldt estuary.
pdf_small Bull70: 103-106

Suarez-Morales, E. 2000. 
Taxonomic report on some monstrilloids (Copepoda, Monstrilloida) from Toulon Bay, France. 
pdf_small Bull70: 107-118 

De Grave, S. 2000. 
Caridean shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda) from Hansa Bay, Papua New Guinea: Palaemonidae and Gnathophyllidae. 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 119-148 

Botosaneanu, L. & Iliffe, T.M. 2000. 
Two new stygobitic species of Cirolanidae (Isopoda) from deep cenotes in Yucatan. 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 149-161 

Hendrickx, M.E. 2000. 
The genus Munida Leach (Crustacea, Decapoda, Galatheidae) in the eastern tropical Pacific, with description of two new species. 
pdf_small Bull70: 163-192 

Wouters, K., Tavernier, J.M. & Meurisse, L. 2000. 
Distribution and bibliography of the terrestrial Isopoda (Crustacea) of Belgium. 
pdf_small Bull70: 193-205 

Wouters, K. & Martens, K. 2000. 
On the taxonomic position of the genera Archeocyprideis and Kavalacythereis of the Cyprideis species flock (Crustacea, Ostracoda) in Lake Tanganyika (East Africa), with the first description of the appendages. 
pdf_small Bull70: 207-216 

Berge, J., De Broyer, C. & Vader, W. 2000. 
Revision of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic species of the family Stegocephalidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda) with description of two new species. 
pdf_small Bull. 70: 217-233 

Massin, C. 2000. 
Ecology of the Leptoconchus spp. (Gastropoda, Coralliophilidae) infesting Fungiidae (Anthozoa, Madreporaria).
pdf_small Bull70: 235-252 

Verheyen, W., Dierckx, T. & Huselmans, J. 2000. 
The brush-furred rats of Angola and southern Congo: description of a new taxon of the Lophuromys sikapusi species complex. 
pdf_small Bull70: 253-267