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Decraemer, W. 1989. 
Three new draconematid species from Papua New Guinea. 
pdf_small Bull59: 5-24 

Decraemer, W. & Gourbault, N. 1989.
Marine nematodes from Guadeloupe. IX. The genus  Metepsilonema (Epsilonematidae). 
pdf_small Bull. 59: 25-38 

Coomans, A. & Vinciguerra, M.T.  1989.
A new species of Actinca (Actinolaimidae, Dorylaimida) from the Ivory Coast and a redescription of A. papillata (W. Schneider, 1935). 
pdf_small Bull59: 39-47 

Brendonck, L. 1989.
Redescription of the fairy shrimp Streptocephalus proboscideus (Frauenfeld, 1873) (Crustacea, Anostraca). 
pdf_small Bull. 59: 49-57 

Brendonck, L., Goddeeris, B. & Martens, K. 1989. 
Leptestheria dahalacensis (Rüppel, 1837), a Conchostracan new for the Belgian fauna. 
pdf_small Bull. 59: 59-62 

Danielopol, D.L., Martens, K. & Casale, L. 1989.
Revision of the genus Leucocythere Kaufmann, 1892 (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Limnocytheridae), with the description of a new species and two new tribes. 
pdf_small Bull. 59: 63-94 

Ovaere, A.A. 1989.
Ihleus gen. nov., a new leucosiid genus (Crustacea, Brachyura).
pdf_small Bull59: 95-100 

Herman, J., Hovestadt-Euler, M. & Hovestadt, D.C. 1989.
Contributions to the study of the comparative morphology of teeth and other relevant ichtyodorulites in living supraspecific taxa of Chondrichtyan fiishes. Part. A: Selachii. N° 3: Order: Squaliformes. Families: Echinorhinidae, Oxynotidae and Squalidae. 
pdf_small Bull59: 101-157 

Lenglet, G.L. & Colyn, M.M. 1989. 
Note on the maximum length of Kinixys erosa (Schweigger, 1812) (Chelonia, Testudinidae). 
pdf_small Bull59: 159-162 

Lang, M. & Böhme, W. 1989. 
A new species of the Zonosaurus rufipes-complex (Reptilia: Squamata: Gerrhosauridae), from Northern Madagascar. 
pdf_small Bull59: 163-168 

Verschuren, J. 1989.
Habitats, mammifères et conservation au Congo. 
pdf_small Bull59: 169-179 

Verschuren, J. 1989. 
Note additionelle sur l'écologie des zones littorales du Sénégal. 
pdf_small Bull59: 181-186