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Table of content 084 - 1975


Cover / Couverture / Omslag pdf_small





pdf_small Rapports annuels. 3

pdf_small KAHLER, Franz - Uber die Notwendigkeit intensiver Vergleiche der marinen Karbonbereiche Europas mit den nordwesteuropaischen Kohlengebieten. 67

pdf_small KAISEROVÂ-KALIBOVÂ, Milada. - Palynology of the Mseno Basin. 47

pdf_small KLENER, Jifi. - The paleorelief of the basement of the Upper Carboniferous in the Kladno-Rakovnfk Basin. 51

pdf_small LEARY, Richard L. - Early Pennsylvanian paleogeography of an upland area, Western Illinois, U.S.A. 19

pdf_small PAPROTH, Eva. - Zur Stratigraphie des Karbons im nürdlichen Mittel-Europa. 71

pdf_small POOLE, E. G. - Correlation of the Upper Coal Measures of Central England and adjoining areas and their relationship to the Stephanian of the Continent. 57

pdf_small SADA, Kimiyoshi. - Late Mississippian and Early Pennsylvanian fusulinid faunas of the Taishaku limestone in West Japan 5

pdf_small SETLIK, J. - Les représentants du genre Lebachia FLORIN dans les dépôts anté-autuniens de Bohême. 43

pdf_small TIWARI, R. S. - Palynological composition of the Basal Gondwana in lndia. 11

pdf_small VAN LOON, A. J. - Fossil and mud frequencies in some marine Silesian sediments of Northern Spain. 33


Fascicule 2 - Deel 2

pdf_small HOARE, R.D. and STURGEON, M.T. - Stratigraphie distribution of Nuculoid Bivalves in the Pennsylvanian of Ohio. 79


Fascicule 3 - Deel 3

pdf_small REITLINGER, E.A. - Le problème du Namurien dans les facies à Brachiopodes et à Foraminifères de la partie européenne de l'U.R.S.S. 103

Fascicule 4 - Deel 4

pdf_small PESEK, JIRI - Volcanogenic rocks in the Carboniferous of central and western Bohemia. 111

pdf_small TABLE GENERALE du tome 84 - volume 84 ALGEMEEN INDEX. 122



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