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A. Verhecken (2007)

Revision of the Cancellariidae (Mollusca, Neogastropoda, Cancellarioidea) of the eastern Atlantic (40°N-40°S) and the Mediterranean

Zoosystema, 29(2):281-364.

The Cancellariidae living off the western African coast, the mid-Atlantic Islands and in the Mediterranean Sea are reviewed. Twenty species are studied: 3 Admetula, 1 Axelella, 2 Bivetiella, 4 Brocchinia, 1 Cancellaria s.l., 1 Nothoadmete, 1 Loxotaphrus, 2 Solatia, 1 Sveltia, 2 Tribia, and 2 Trigonostoma. Trigonostoma gofasi n. sp. is distinguished from the western African T. scala (Gmelin, 1791) n. comb, by its multispiral protoconch, wider umbilicus, smooth columellar callus, axial ribs on the sutural ramp not reaching the suture, and the absence of a siphonal fasciole; and from the central western American T. goniostoma (Sowerby, 1832) in its wider umbilicus, more deviated columella and in being less elongate. A species of Solatia which has previously been recognised as new, is not named due to lack of adequate material. The species name in the combination Voluta cancellata Linnaeus, 1767 is declared nomen protectum, making the senior name Murex scabriculus Linnaeus, 1758 invalid as nomen oblitum. A neotype is designated for Murex scala Gmelin, 1791. A lectotype is designated for Cancellaria minima Reeve, 1856, Cancellaria similu Sowerby, 1833, Voluta lyrata Brocchi, 1814, Cancellaria angasi Crosse, 1863 and Cancellaria rigida Sowerby, 1832; the latter name refers to a West African and not a West American species. Distribution data are updated, and relations to fossil taxa are indicated when applicable. The protoconchs of 17 species are figured; only the protoconch type of the bathyal species Brocchinia decapensis and Nothoadmete euthymei n. comb, remain unknown. Egg capsules attributed to one of the North West African Bivetiella species are figured. © Publications Scientifiques du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.

Peer Review, International Redaction Board, Impact Factor
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