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I.V.a Shamshev and P.c Grootaert (2007)

Revision of the genus Elaphropeza Macquart (diptera: Hybotidae) from the Oriental Region, with a special attention to the fauna of Singapore


The genus Elaphropeza Macquart from the Oriental region is revised. In addition to the 79 known species (including seven new combinations of species previously placed within Drapetis Meigen) 51 new species are described and illustrated. The study is mainly based on freshly collected material in Singapore (544 samples, year cycle in eight stations and numerous hand captures). Smaller samples were available from Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Of the 51 new species only 43 have been given a name: E. acantha sp. nov., E. asexa sp. nov., E. asiophila sp. nov., E. belumut sp. nov., E. benitotani sp. nov., E. bezzii sp. nov., E. bulohensis sp. nov., E. chekjawa sp. nov., E. combinata sp. nov., E. crassicercus sp. nov., E. darrenyeoi sp. nov., E. demeijerei sp. nov., E. equalis sp. nov., E. feminata sp. nov., E. flavicaput sp. nov., E. furca sp. nov., E. limosa sp. nov., E. luanae sp. nov., E. luteoides sp. nov., E. malayensis sp. nov., E. meieri sp. nov., E. melanderi sp. nov., E. modesta sp. nov., E. monacantha sp. nov., E. monospina sp. nov., E. murphyi sp. nov., E. neesoonensis sp. nov., E. ngi sp. nov., E. pauper sp. nov., E. pluriacantha sp. nov., E. riatanae sp. nov., E. sime sp. nov., E. singaporensis sp. nov., E. singulata sp. nov., E. sivasothii sp. nov., E. spicata sp. nov., E. spiralis sp. nov., E. sylvicola sp. nov., E. temasek sp. nov., E. tiomanensis sp. nov., E. ubinensis sp. nov., E. yangi sp. nov., E. yeoi sp. nov. Eight species known only as females are briefly diagnosed but not named. Species (including type materials in most cases) described by C.R. Osten-Sacken, M. Bezzi, J.C.H. de Meijere, R. Senior-White, A.L. Melander and K.G.V. Smith were examined and re-described. Neotypes have been designated for E. calcarifera Bezzi, E. melanura Bezzi, E. formosae Bezzi and E. scutellaris Bezzi. Elaphropeza exul Osten-Sacken, 1882 is transferred as Crossopalpus exul (Osten-Sacken) comb. nov. Elaphropeza formosae Bezzi sensu Quate, 1960 re-described by L.W. Quate from Micronesia, is considered a new species and a new name is given: E. quatei sp. nov. All species of Elaphropeza are divided into two main species groups: E. biuncinata group and E. ephippiata group. Phylogenetic relationships within Elaphropeza are provisionally outlined. Some interesting morphological features and phenology of the species are discussed. Fourteen species have been found exclusively in mangroves. A key is given to the species of the Oriental Region (Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Philippines and Taiwan, but excluding certain species of the Chinese mainland that proved to be different from the rest of the Oriental Region). A check list of the Oriental species is provided. Copyright © 2007 · Magnolia Press.

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