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H.a Segers and L.-O.b Sanoamuang (2007)

Note on a highly diverse rotifer assemblage (Rotifera: Monogononta) in a Laotian rice paddy and adjacent pond

International Review of Hydrobiology, 92(6):640-646.

During August 1999, the authors conducted a sampling campaign in the PDR Laos, in order to contribute to the chorology of rotifers in the region. Two samples, collected from a rice paddy and an adjacent pond near Vientiane, Laos, contained a total of 135 rotifer species including several that appear new to science or that warrant taxonomical or biogeographical comments. No new species can be named, but Cephalodella boettgeri KOSTE and Floscularia armata SEGERS are recorded for the second time ever after their description from South America, and Parencentrum lutetiae (HARRING and MYERS) and Polyarthra luminosa KUTIKOVA are new to Southeast Asia. This raises the number of rotifers recorded from Laos from 9 to 130. The diversity recorded is remarkable, especially when compared with that of similar habitats in the Thai part of the floodplain of River Mekong and its tributaries. Different agricultural practices may account for the difference in species richness. Similar highly diverse rotifer faunas are known to occur in natural, tropical and subtropical floodplain systems only. This accords with the view that rice paddies can be regarded as artificial wetlands or floodplain systems, which, if managed taking biodiversity concerns into account, may have a potential for the conservation of freshwater biodiversity. © 2007 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA.

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