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P. Martin, B. Goddeeris, and K. Martens (1994)

Depth distribution of oligochaetes in Lake Baikal (Siberia - Russia)

Hydrobiologia, 278(1-3):151-156.

In the course of a preliminary sampling program, oligochaetes were collected along two transects in soft sediments in Lake Baikal. The number of oligochaetes present in the samples was counted, without distinguishing between species. The results suggest an exponential decrease in number of individuals (N) relative to depth (11,165 N m-2 at 21 m, 265 N m-2 at 1200 m). Most oligochaetes were found in the top 7 cm of sediment. The orange colour of the sediments suggests a high oxygen availability, even at the greatest water depths.

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