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M.a Holynski and F.b Fiers (1994)

Mesocyclops thermocyclopoides species-group: redefinition and content

Hydrobiologia, 292-293(1):41-51.

Within the genus Mesocyclops the thermocyclopoides species-group is defined on the basis of the presence of spiniform armature on the maxillar coxa. Examination of nineteen, mainly Palaeotropical species of Mesocyclops and nine representatives of the closely related genus Thermocyclops revealed, that the coxal part of the maxillar syncoxa of the species recently unified in the thermocyclopoides group is adorned with distinct rows of big spinules on its frontal surface. This character, with only one known exception in South Indian M. cf. papuensis, is absent in other species of Mesocyclops and all the Thermocyclops studied here. These species have no spinules on the maxillar coxa at all or very tiny scattered ones. © 1994 Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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