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Yves Samyn, Didier VandenSpiegel, and Claude Massin (2005)

Sea Cucumbers of the Comoros Archipelago

SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin, 22:14-18.

Sea cucumbers have been harvested for centuries in the Far East. Overexploitation, coupled with increasing demand has led to local depletion of certain standing stocks. De novo investigation at Grande Comore (one of the four main islands of the Comoros Archipelago) allows reappraisal of local holothuroid biodi- versity. Comparison with neighbouring areas allows extrapolation of holothuroid species richness to the rest of the archipelago. The current exploitation of holothuroids has been documented and there are definite signs of overexploitation. Conservation measures are urgently needed if exploitation of sea cucumbers in this area is to become sustainable in the near future.
RBINS Collection(s), PDF available, Open Access, Peer Review, International Redaction Board

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