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Yves Samyn and Claude Massin (2003)

The holothurian subgenus Mertensiothuria (Aspidochirotida: Holothuriidae) revisited.

Journal of Natural History, 37:2487-2519.

Mertensiothuria is one of the 20 subgenera currently recognized under Holothuria. The diagnosis of the subgenus is amended with new information on the ossicles found in the longitudinal muscles. The number of species of Mertensiothuria considered to be valid at present is six. These species are redescribed on the basis of new material, type and non-type museum material and on re-evaluation of literature. Two of them, Holothuria hilla and Holothuria aphanes, are transferred from the subgenus Thymiosycia to Mertensiothuria. Four species formerly referred to Mertensiothuria are removed; provisionally they are not referred to any of the known subgenera of Holothuria. Full annotated descriptions or (where the type material was not available) references to the literature are given for each species. An identification key is given to the species belonging to the subgenus Mertensiothuria.
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