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Sébastien Olive, Gaël Clément, Julien Denayer, Claire Derycke, Vincent Dupret, Philippe Gerrienne, Pierre Gueriau, Jean-Marc Marion, Bernard Mottequin, and Cyrille Prestianni (2015)

Flora and fauna from a new Famennian (Upper Devonian) locality at Becco, eastern Belgium

Geologica Belgica, 18(2-4):92-101.

The Becco locality (Liège province), belongs to the Theux tectonic window and represents a proximal, probably fluvial, environment corresponding to a channel infill. We present here a preliminary report of the fossil assemblage discovered at the locality. The Becco site has yielded a diverse flora of early seed plants including Moresnetia zalesskyi, Dorinnotheca streeli and Condrusia sp. This assemblage, characteristic of the Belgian Famennian, highlights the diversity of early spermatophytes in the country. Becco has also delivered a rich vertebrate fauna with antiarch, groenlandaspid and phyllolepid placoderms, diplacanthiform acanthodians, as well as actinopterygians and various sarcopterygians. The fossiliferous assemblage of Becco resembles those of several Devonian tetrapod- bearing localities, including that of Strud in Belgium, and could therefore provide a favorable palaeoecological setting in the search for early tetrapods.
Peer Review, Open Access, Impact Factor
Plants, Paleontology, Fishes, Belgium, Famennian
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