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Anne Hauzeur, Cécile Jungels, Eric Goemaere, and Stéphane Pirson (2013)

Non-flint raw materials.

Anthropologica et Præhistorica, 123/2012:135-150.

This paper presents a macroscopic and mesoscopic characterisation of different non-flint raw materials identified amongst the archaeological material from Spy cave. Already available information for each raw material is discussed before introducing relevant new terminology. Finally, a litho-stratigraphic attribution is proposed alongside a discussion of the geological and geographical origin of each raw material. More detailed information was recorded for black, finely bedded silicites using Raman spectrometry, and for fluorites by measuring strontium isotopes or LA-ICP-MS of rare-earth elements. In both cases, these analytical approaches allowed mac - roscopically similar materials to be distinguished and their outcrops identified. The Orneau Valley has a relatively high lithological diversity (outcrops and fluvial deposits) from which a large part of the raw materials utilised at Spy derive. These materials were complemented by sources found in the Brabant Massif (Ottignies) and the area surrounding Landen.
RBINS Publication(s), Peer Review, International Redaction Board, RBINS Collection(s)
In: H. ROUGIER & P. SEMAL (ed.), Spy cave. 125 years of multidisciplinary research at the Betche aux Rotches (Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Province of Namur, Belgium), Volume 1. Brussels, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Praehistory & NESPOS Society.
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