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Cécile Jungels, Aude Coudenneau, Anne Hauzeur, and Philippe Pirson (2013)

Typological, technological and functional analyses of Mousterian points.

Anthropologica et Præhistorica, 123/2012:201-215.

Spy cave provided the most important number of Mousterian points in Belgium. Most of them were found in the “second fauna-bearing level” (De Puydt & Lohest, 1887) and are stored at the Grand Curtius Museum in Liège (De Puydt collection). They revealed morphological particularities and a remarkable similarity that encouraged a more detailed techno-morpho-functional analysis. Their good state of preservation allowed us to observe macro-traces and sometimes microwear polishes
RBINS Publication(s), Peer Review, International Redaction Board, RBINS Collection(s)
In: H. ROUGIER & P. SEMAL (ed.), Spy cave. 125 years of multidisciplinary research at the Betche aux Rotches (Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Province of Namur, Belgium), Volume 1. Brussels, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Praehistory & NESPOS Society.
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