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Kenneth D Rose, Rajendra S Rana, Ashok Sahni, and Thierry Smith (2007)

A new adappoid primate from the Early Eocene of India

Contribution from the Museum of Paleontology - The Université of Michigan, 31(14):379-385.

A new genus and species of primitive adapoid primate, Asiadapis cambayensis, is described based on a dentary from the lower Eocene Cambay Shale exposed in the Vastan lignite mine in Gujarat, western India. Asiadapis is most similar to European cercamoniine notharctids and to Marcgodinotius, another primitive cercamoniine from Vastan mine. Asiadapis and Marcgodinotius may belong to a primitive clade of notharctids that reached India around the beginning of the Eocene.
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