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Kris Welkenhuysen (2012)

The cost of CO2 geological storage is more than a number

European Geologist, 33:9-13.

CO2 geological storage is the last stage in the CO2 capture and storage process which aims to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The cost of storage has frequently been regarded as minor compared to the cost of the whole CCS process. There are however a multitude of cost parameters that will form a unique combination for each storage project, with costs projected from one to several tens of euros per tonne of CO2 stored. Several research efforts have lately been identifying the main cost drivers and relatively wide cost ranges. Reservoir type and location, geological uncertainty, injectivity and capacity are recognised as the main source of cost variation between potential storage projects.
RBINS Publication(s), Peer Review, International Redaction Board
ISSN: 1028 - 267X

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