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Thierry Backeljau, Karin Breugelmans, Jean M. Timmermans, Jackie Van Goethem and Erik Verheyen (1994)

Application of Isoelectric Focusing in Molluscan Systematics

The Nautilus, Suppl. 2:156-167.

The application of isoelectric focusing (IEF) in molluscan sys- tematics is reviewed and illustrated using literature data and unpublished analyses. IEF can be used as any other electro- phoretic method, but is most appropriate for: (1) generating complex species-specific banding profiles, (2) assessing overall genetic similarities, (3) supplementing conventional electro- phoretic techniques by resolving hidden protein variation and (4) investigating minute organisms.

population genetics, systematics, Key Words: Mollusca, protein electrophoresis, phylogeny, isoelectric focusing.
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