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Fons Verheyde, Jeffrey Jacobs, Wouter Dekoninck, Kees van Achterberg, Jeroen de Rond, Tim De Blanck, Karel Schoonvaere, Hans Nieuwenhuijsen, Augustijn De Ketelaere, Bart Minnebo, and Mar Ferrer-Suay (2023)

Remarks on Hymenoptera on urban green roofs in Belgium

Belgian Journal of Entomology, 135:1-37.

In this paper we discuss all Hymenoptera (10.085 specimens) caught on several urban green roofs in Belgium during 2020 and 2021. We thereby try to connect species’ ecology and the specific habitat of extensive green roofs. Based on these findings we suggest what life communities can indeed be expected there. Six species on 120 taxa discovered are first reported for Belgium: Gonatopus lunatus (var. bifasciatus) Klug, 1810 (Aculeata: Dryinidae); Synacra paupera Macek, 1995 (Parasitica: Diapriidae); Alysia lucicola Haliday, 1838, Idiasta dichrocera Konigsmann, 1960 and Leiophron deficiens (Ruthe, 1856) (Parasitica: Braconidae) and Gelis declivis Forster, 1850 (Parasitica: Ichneumonidae).
RBINS Collection(s), PDF available, Open Access, Impact Factor, Peer Review
Urban biodiversity, typology, environmental management, community structures
  • ISSN: 1374-5514
  • ISSN: 2295-0214