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Olivier S Pauwels (2021)


In: The Ogooué Delta, ed. by J.P. Vande weghe and T. Stévart, chap. 8, pp. 256-265, Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Louis, USA.

I provide a commented list of the reptile species found in the Lower Ogooué region, western Gabon, Equatorial Africa, from Ndjolé and Lambaréné to Port-Gentil and Omboué. The list includes 85 species (Pelomedusidae, Cheloniidae, Dermochelyidae, Testudinidae, Trionychidae, Crocodylidae, Agamidae, Chamaeleonidae, Gekkonidae, Gerrhosauridae, Lacertidae, Scincidae, Varanidae, Amphisbaenidae, Typhlopidae, Boidae, Pythonidae, Colubridae, Elapidae, Lamprophiidae, Natricidae and Viperidae).