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S. Wouters, A-C. Da Silva, F. Boulvain, and X. Devleeschouwer (2021)

StratigrapheR: Concepts for Litholog Generation in R

The R Journal, 13(2):153-178.

The StratigrapheR package proposes new concepts for the generation of lithological logs, or lithologs, in R. The generation of lithologs in a scripting environment opens new opportunities for the processing and analysis of stratified geological data. Among the new concepts presented: new plotting and data processing methodologies, new general R functions, and computer-oriented data conventions are provided. The package structure allows for these new concepts to be further improved, which can be done independently by any R user. The current limitations of the package are highlighted, along with the limitations in R for geological data processing, to help identify the best paths for improvements.
litholog, R package, stratigraphy, from fied to digital archive
  • ISSN: 2073-4859