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Jan Walstra (2021)

Reconstructing the Palaeo-Environment of the Ancient City of Charax Spasinou

In: Sumer and the Sea: Deltas, Shoreline and Urban Water Management in 3rd Millennium BC Mesopotamia, ed. by Romano, L., Pittman, H., D’Agostino, F., Goodman, R., Petrie, C. & Giosan, L., pp. 17, International Association for Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia.

From its foundation to its heydays as trading hub and to its final abandonment, the history of Charax Spasinou was intimately connected with the evolution of the river systems of the southernmost part of the Mesopotamian plain and the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. This ongoing research, which is part of the Charax Spasinou Project of the Universities of Konstanz and Manchester supported by the German Research Foundation and the Culture Protection Fund of the British Council, aims to reconstruct the evolution of the landscape and palaeoenvironment around the capital of Mesene, by combining evidence from remote sensing data and geological coring. Here, results from the analysis of satellite imagery and a preliminary field campaign carried out in 2018 will be presented. It will be demonstrated that a combined geological and archaeological survey in the wider hinterland of Charax allows an accurate reconstruction of the ancient watercourses and the landscape of Mesene, in which the capital was the nodal point for nearly a millennium.
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