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Jan Walstra, Armin Menkovic, Jef Deckers, Frieda Bogemans, Michiel Dusar, Andreas Kruisselbrink, Bruno Meyvis, Dirk Munsterman, Bernd Rombaut, Tamara Van de Ven, Kris Welkenhuysen, and Ronald Vernes (2021)

Correlating cross-border Cenozoic stratigraphy in the Belgian-Dutch border region: results from H3O – De Voorkempen

In: 7th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2021, pp. 171-172, Geological Belgica.

The sustainable use and management of natural resources in border regions require unambiguous geological information from neighbouring countries. However, the available data often lack compatibility and the same level of detail across borders. Aim of the Belgian-Dutch H3O projects is to produce seamless, cross-border, 3D geological and hydrogeological models of the Cenozoic deposits across the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. “H3O – De Voorkempen” is the third consecutive project, focusing on the Noorderkempen (Flanders) and the western part of Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands). The project started in 2020 and the final results will be delivered in 2023. A crucial step in any cross-border geological modelling task is to establish the correlation between lithostratigraphic units on both sides of the border. In this project, the correlation is initially based on the available knowledge of regional lithostratigraphy (including chronology, depositional environment, sedimentological characteristics) and then further fine-tuned based on the interpretation of high-quality boreholes, geophysical well logs and seismic lines that cover the main geological complexities and cross the international border. The correlations are graphically presented in a chrono-lithostratigraphic correlation chart and cross-section profiles. The established correlation scheme will be used as a base for converting or reinterpreting the available data. In the final stage, the harmonized datasets will be used to create a geometrically and stratigraphically consistent 3D model of “De Voorkempen”. The result will be a state-of-the-art reference for the subsurface structure of the project area, which can be used as a base for scientific research and cross-border management of natural resources. The Belgian-Dutch H3O projects are carried out by a partnership between TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands, VITO and RBINS – Geological Survey of Belgium, with support from the Flemish Bureau for Environment and Spatial Development (VPO), Flanders Environment Agency (VMM), Province of Noord-Brabant and drinking water company Brabant Water. The geological models are/will be available in the public domain via the online data portals of DOV (Database of the Subsoil in Flanders) and DINOloket (Data and Information on the Dutch Subsurface). For the technical reports of previous H3O projects, see Deckers et al., 2014 and Vernes et al., 2018. References Deckers, J., Vernes, R.W., Dabekaussen, W., Den Dulk, M., Doornenbal, J.C., Dusar, M., Hummelman, H.J., Matthijs, J., Menkovic, A., Reindersma, R.N., Walstra, J., Westerhoff, W.E. & Witmans, N., 2014. Geologisch en hydrogeologisch 3D model van het Cenozoïcum van de Roerdalslenk in Zuidoost-Nederland en Vlaanderen (H3O-Roerdalslenk). VITO/TNO report, Mol/Utrecht, 208 pp. (incl. 8 appendices). Vernes, R.W., Dekkers, J., Bakker, M., Bogemans, F., De Ceukelaire, M., Doornenbal, J., den Dulk, M., Dusar M., Van Haren, T., Heyvaert, V., Kiden, P., Kruisselbrink, A., Lanckacker, T., Menkovic, A., Meyvis, B., Munsterman, D., Reindersma, R., Rombaut, B., ten Veen, J., van de Ven, T., Walstra, J. & Witmans N., 2018. Geologisch en hydrogeologisch 3D model van het Cenozoïcum van de Belgisch-Nederlandse grensstreek van Midden-Brabant / De Kempen (H3O – De Kempen). TNO/VITO/KBIN-BGD report, Utrecht/Mol/Brussel, 109 pp. (+8 appendices).
Proceedings, Abstract of an Oral Presentation or a Poster
Geologica Belgica Meeting 2021, September 15-18, Tervuren, Belgium – Abstract Book