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Estelle Petitclerc, Mathieu Agniel, Xavier Devleeschouwer, Pierre Gerard, Bertrand François, Marijke Huysmans, Louis Gaudare, Gust Van Lysebetten, and Christian Burlet (2020)

BrugeoTool: “All in One” Professional Geoscientific Tool of Brussels.

In: EGU 2020, Vienna.

Key words: Shallow geothermal, Resources assessment, Geoscientific tool, Brussels Since 2015, the interest in installing shallow geothermal systems has significantly increased in Brussels Capital Region (BCR). However, limited knowledge of ground conditions, lack of public awareness and an urban context restrict the development of shallow geothermal systems in the BCR despite the high potential of this technique in the area. The BRUGEO project was launched thanks to ERDF funding and aims to facilitate accessibility and the efficient use of shallow geothermal energy in the Brussels region. In this four years project (2016-2020), specific actions promoting the geothermal potential of the BCR are addressed: 1- Collect existing data related to the knowledge on Brussels subsurface (geological, hydrogeological, and geothermal data); 2- Conduct new laboratory and field tests in order to complete geological analyses and to assess geothermal parameters; 3- Map the geothermal potential for open and closed systems. The BrugeoTool was developed in 2020 conjointly with Brussels Environment and intends to be a useful tool at any stage of the process of a geothermal project for citizens, project managers as well as for experts. From the project manager side, BrugeoTool provides information on geothermal potential for open and closed systems, plans and controls the stages of a geothermal project, analyzes environmental constraints and helps to prepare the application for an environmental permit, and predesigns a geothermal installation using the Smartgeotherm tool developed by the Belgian Building Research Center. From the expert point of view, BrugeoTool allows to consult geological, hydrogeological, geothermal and environmental data in the form of maps (2D), it automatically draws up a lithostratigraphic (1D) log synthesizing the geological, hydrogeological and geothermal parameters, explores the Brustrati3D geological model (3D), evaluates the (pre) feasibility of a shallow (<300 m) vertical geothermal project for open or closed systems and carries out its pre-sizing. Finally, this webtool lets the citizens to familiarize themselves with the geology and hydrogeology of Brussels and its environmental context.
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