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RBINS Staff Publications 2016

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 790 references in this bibliography folder.

Haelters, J (2016).
Straks walvistoerisme voor onze kust?
VLIZ en Provincie West-Vlaanderen, In: Zeekrant (Information folder large public)(Zeekrant 2016: 6).

Haelters, J (2016).
Stranding van een levende reuzenhaai (Cetorhinus maximus) te De Panne
De Strandvlo, 36(4):123-126.

Haelters, J (2016).
Ze bleven maar komen: potvissen op de stranden van de zuidelijke Noordzee in het voorjaar van 2016
De Strandvlo, 36(2):75-81.

Haelters, J (2016).
Historische waarneming van narwal in België
Zoogdier, 27(2):24.

Haelters, J, Brabant, R, Degraer, S, Devolder, M, Norro, A, Van den Eynde, D, and Lauwaert, B (2016).
Aanvraag van NEMO LINK Ltd voor een machtiging voor een geofysisch en geotechnisch zeebodemonderzoek: Milieueffectenbeoordeling (MEB) en advies van het Bestuur
RBINS, Technical report.

Haelters, J, Dabin, W, Doom, M, Kerckhof, F, Steyaert, A, and Jauniaux, T (2016).
Grey seals Halichoerus grypus choking on common sole Solea solea
In: VLIZ Marine Scientist Day, Book of Abstracts, pp. 58.

Haelters, J, Everaarts, E, Bunskoek, P, Begeman, L, Hinrichs, J, and IJsseldijk, L (2016).
A suspected scavenging event by red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) on a live, stranded harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
Aquatic Mammals, 42(2):227-232.

Haelters, J, Jauniaux, T, Kerckhof, F, Potin, M, and van den Berghe, T (2016).
Zeezoogdieren in België in 2015 [Marine mammals in Belgium in 2015]
Booklet, Booklet.

Haelters, J, Kerckhof, F, Jauniaux, T, Potin, M, Rumes, B, and Degraer, S (2016).
Zeezoogdieren in Belgïe in 2014 [Marine mammals in Belgium in 2014]
Booklet, Booklet.

Haelters, J, Rumes, B, Vanaverbeke, J, and Degraer, S (2016).
Seasonal and interannual patterns in the presence of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in Belgian waters from 2010 to 2015 as derived from passive acoustic monitoring
In: Environmental impacts of offshore wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea. Environmental impact monitoring reloaded, ed. by Degraer, S., R. Brabant, B. Rumes & L. Vigin . Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, chap. 15, pp. 249-267.

Haesaerts, P, Damblon, F, Gerasimenko, N, Spagna, P, and Pirson, S (2016).
The Late Pleistocene loess-palaeosol sequence of Middle Belgium
Quaternary International(411):25-43.

Hamon, C, Billard, C, Bosquet, D, Constantin, C, and Jadin, I (2016).
Usages et transformation de l’hématite dans le Néolithique ancien d’Europe du Nord-Ouest
In: Autour de l’hématite / About haematite. Circulation et transformation au cours de la Préhistoire récente / Procurement and transformation during Recent Prehistory. Actes de la Table-Ronde internationale / Acts of the international Round Table, 7-8/02/20, ed. by BILLARD C., BOSQUET D., DREESEN R., GOEMAERE É., HAMON C., JADIN I., SALOMON H. & SAVARY X. Liège, ERAUL, 143 – Liège-Brussels-Leuven, Studia Praehistorica Belgica, 8 – Anthropologica et Præhistorica, 125/2014, chap. -, pp. 45-61.

Hartoch, E, Gluhak, T, Dreesen, R, and Goemaere, E (2016).
Where does your saddle quern come from?” Grinding in the actual province of Limburg (BE) during the Iron Age Raw materials.
Exploitation in Prehistory: sourcing, processing and distribution. International meeting of Faro (Portugal), 10-12 March 2016. , Faro (Portugal), vol. x(x), CSIC ICArEHP x.

Hartoch, E, Gluhak, T, Dreesen, R, and Goemaere, E (2016).
Where does your saddle quern come from?” Grinding in the contemporary province of Limburg (BE) during the Iron Age.
In: Raw materials exploitation in Prehistory: sourcing, processing and distribution, ed. by T. Pereira, X. Terradas, N. Bicho (Eds.). Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing., Cambridge, vol. -, chap. 16, pp. 205-221. -.

Hauzeur, A and Jadin, I (2016).
19th century flint production in Brandon (UK) and the RBINS collection.
In: “Mining and Quarrying. Geological Characterisation, Knapping Processes and Distribution Networks during Pre- and Protohistoric Times. Abstracts”, UISPP Commission on Flint Mining in Pre- and Protohistoric Times, 7th International Conference, Mons-Spiennes, ed. by Collet H. & Lavachery Ph. (coord.). Namur, Service public de Wallonie (= Rapports, Archéologie, 5) , chap. -, pp. 30.

Havermans, C (2016).
Have we so far only seen the tip of the iceberg? Exploring species diversity and distribution of the giant amphipod Eurythenes

Henrotay, D and Goemaere, E (2016).
Retrieval of opus sectile components by craftsmen in the vicus of Arlon (Belgium)
In: Abstract Book of the International Conference Roman Ornamental Stones in North-Western Europe, Tongeren, 20-22 April 2016, ed. by Rapport d'Archéologie, vol. 2, pp. 41, SPW/DGO4 (ISBN: 978-2-8056-0199-6).

Henrotay, D and Goemaere, E (2016).
Building stones in a newly discovered residential-workshop area in Orolaunum Vicus (Arlon, Belgium)
In: Abstract Book of the International Conference Roman Ornamental Stones in North-Western Europe, Tongeren, 20-22 April 2016, ed. by Rapport d'Archéologie, vol. 2, pp. 40, SPW/DGO4 (ISBN: 978-2-8056-0199-6).

Henrotay, D, Hanut, F, and Goemaere, E (2016).
Découverte d’un atelier de potiers à Arlon/Orolaunum (province de Luxembourg, Belgique).
SFECAG, Actes du Congrès d'Autun(2016):527-548.

Heyvaert, VM and Verstraeten, G (2016).
Belqua annual workshop, abstract book, 14pp.
Brussels, Belgium.

Higuti, J and Martens, K (2016).
Invasive South American floating plants are a successful substrate for native Central African pleuston
Biological Invasions.

Hoedemakers, K and Schneider, S (2016).
Fish otoliths from the Rupelian (Early Oligocene) of Bad Freienwalde (NE Germany)
Paläontologisches Zeitschrift, 90:125.

Houart, R (2016).
On some Indo-West Pacific species of Favartia sensu stricto (Gastropoda: Muricidae: Muricopsinae) with the description of three new species from the Indian Ocean and comments on related species
Vita Malacologica, 15:57-76.

Houart, R and Chino, M (2016).
Description of Monstrotyphis takashigei n. sp. (Muricidae: Typhinae) from Akino-hama, Izu-Oshima, Izu Islands, Japan
Venus, 74:94-98.

Houart, R and Héros, V (2016).
New species and records of deep water muricids (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Papua New Guinea
Vita Malacologica, 15:7-34.

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