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Xavier Desmit, Vincent Thieu, Valérie Duliere, Francisco Campuzano, Marie Silvestre, Josette Garnier, Joao Sobrinho, Ligia Pinto, Nathalie Gypens, Christiane Lancelot, Ramiro Neves, Alain Ménesguen, Bénédicte Thouvenin, Morgan Dussauze, Paul Passy, Luis Lassaletta, Gilles Billen, Tineke Troost, Johan Van der Molen, Hans Los, Hermann Lenhart, and Geneviève Lacroix (2016)

Modelling eutrophication along the land-ocean continuum

In: ECSA56, Coastal systems in transition. From a ‘natural’ to an ‘anthropogenically-modified’ state, Bremen, Germany, 4-7 September 2016.

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