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Francis Strobbe, Ruth Lagring, Yvan Stojanov, and Thomas Vandenberghe (2016)

Dealing with historical data and making it accessible.


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North Sea
Long-term datasets are important to study global trends in the environment and to define a reference status of an ecosystem. Results of analyses on such datasets allow policy makers to define proper strategies to reach regulatory objectives. Access to these data is also a crucial issue for the scientific community. Belgium has a long oceanographic data collection history. In that context, the Belgian Marine Data Center (BMDC), with its continuously growing experience in data rescuing and management, worked out a tool to identify the marine datasets and retrieve as much data as possible. The Data Inventory and Tracking System (DITS) ( was designed by BMDC in the frame of the project ‘4 Decades of Belgian Marine Monitoring: uplifting historical data to today’s needs’ ( Poster Presentation at IMDIS2016.
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