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Geraldine Garcia, Thierry Smith, Annelise Folie, Pascal Godefroit, Jimmy Van Itterbeeck, and Vlad Codrea (2002)

Parataxonomic classification of eggshells from Pui in the Hateg Basin (Romania)

The 7th European Workshop on Vertebrate Palaeontology, Sibiu, Romania, 2-7 July 2002, Abstracts volume and excursions field guide:14.

Examination of forty egg fragments collected from the site of Pui (Hateg Basin) has revealed a greater ootaxonomic diversity that known from complete eggs or clutches found in the other Upper Cretaceous localities from Romania (Grigorescu 1993, Grigorescu et al. 1994; Codrea et al in press). The eggshells obtained by screen-washing, were associated with a diversified microvertebrate remains (including dinosaurs, squamates, mammals…). The egg material correspond to several parataxonomic units (Mikhaïlov et al. 1996) and is referred to 5 morphotypes (discretispherulitic, prolatospherulitic, prismatic, ratite and geckonoid). The study of these ootypes provids us paleogeographical data and clues about the diversity of egg layers in the Campano-Maastrichtian from Romania
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