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D. Amundala, A. Bapeamoni, W. Iyongo, J. Kennis, M. Gambalemoke, N. Kadange, P. Katuala, and A. Dudu (2005)

The population structure of four rodent species from a tropical region (Kisangani, D. R. Congo)


This study summarizes the data on the Population structure of Deomys fierrugineus, Hybomys lunaris Lophuromys dudui on the mainland and Praomys jacksoni on the mainland as well as oil islands oil the Congo River. All species at these three localities show a stable population structure without seasonal variation. Reproduction oil the mainland Populations is probably continuous year-round, with subadult presence during the whole year. The island populations of P. jacksoni have a different Population structure from the mainland population, probably caused by the periodic inundations. The sex-ratio is even for L. dudui and H. lunaris. For P. jack-soni and D. ferrugineus however, more males were captured on the mainland. On the islands, the sex-ratio pattern is not clear cut and differs between years. No clear seasonal variation in sex-ratio has been found in Our populations.

population structure; sex ratio; Lophuromys; Praomys; Deomys; Hybomys
  • ISSN: 0777-6276

ISSN 2295-0451 (online version)
ISSN 0777-6279 (printed version)
impact factor 2015: 0,87.

Prof. Dr. Isa Schön
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Vautierstraat 29
1000 Brussels, Belgium


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