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V Vassilopoulou (2000)

Abundance and distribution of four-spotted megrim (Lepidorhombus boscii) in the Aegean Sea


A two-year study of the abundance and distribution of the four-spotted megrim in the North Aegean revealed a pronounced preference of the species for fine sediment (sandy-muddy) bottoms, in a bathymetric range from 200 to 400 in. The depth of maximum predicted megrim density was found to be 339.8 m. The mean size of specimens in areas displaying higher levels of abundance was significantly smaller than that calculated for specimens in shallower and/or deeper waters. A density-dependent bathymetric pattern of distribution appeared to exist in the study area, with larger fish spreading out from habitats of increased fish stock abundance, where stronger competitive interactions might exist. Such interactions may be of great importance, considering that the Aegean Sea is one of the most oligotrophic areas of the world.

8th International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions, KAVALA, GREECE, MAY 17-21, 1999
  • ISSN: 0777-6276

ISSN 2295-0451 (online version)
ISSN 0777-6279 (printed version)
impact factor 2015: 0,87.

Prof. Dr. Isa Schön
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Vautierstraat 29
1000 Brussels, Belgium


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