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Article Reference Analyse des restes fauniques découverts à proximité de quatre haches néolithiques dans les rochers de Dave (prov. de Namur, B)
Résumé : Un ensemble de restes fauniques découverts à Dave (province de Namur, Belgique), à proximité d’un dépôt de quatre haches néolithiques, n’y est pas directement associé. Les ossements animaux n’ont pas été déposés par l’Homme mais plus probablement accumulés par un rapace nocturne, le Grand-duc d’Europe. En outre, leur date de dépôt est vraisemblablement postérieure à celle des grandes lames de haches de Dave. Mots-clefs : rochers de Dave, commune et province de Namur (B), faune, oiseaux sauvages, Grand-duc d’Europe, Spatule blanche, Harle bièvre, mammifères sauvages, mammifères domestiques, datation radiométrique, haches de Dave. Abstract : Faunal remains have been discovered at Dave (Namur Province, Belgium) close to four Neolithic stone axes, but the two assemblages appear not to be directly associated. The animal bones do not reflect human activities but were most likely accumulated by an owl, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl. In addition, the faunal assemblage is presumably more recent than the big blades of axes from Dave. Keywords : Dave rocks, prov. of Namur (B), faunal remains, wild birds, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Eurasian Spoonbill, Goosander, wild mammals, domestic mammals, radiometric dating, Dave axes.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Book Reference Analyse des roches silicatées par spectrométrie de fluorescence X: précision et exactitude
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Book Reference Analyse palynologique (pollen et spores) de divers gisements du Tongrien de Belgique: interprétation paléoécologique et stratigraphique
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Book Reference Analyse palynologique de l'argile de Boom - argilières de Terhagen, Kruibeke et Sint-Niklaas-Waas
Located in Library / No RBINS Staff publications
Book Reference Analyse sporopollinique de dépôts oligocènes à Waasmunster
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Book Reference Analyses d'eaux des calcaires paléozoiques de la Belgique. Méthodes – techniques - résultats
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Book Reference Annie V. Dhondt Memorial volume. Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, Série Sciences de la Terre
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Article Reference Annotated catalogue of Porifera type specimens in the Belgian national collections
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications
Book Reference Annotated Iconography of the fossil Chondrichthyan Fishes in the collection of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels
This book is an extensive iconography of all types of material of Elasmobranchii (mostly teeth) of which the type specimens were found in the collections of the RBINS, in total there are 119 species. Unfortunately, 11 type series were incomplete and 17 were no longer found in the collection at all. The latter are listed in the book, but of course not depicted. It is often about Holocephali from the Paleozoic, but also about some species from the Cenozoic (e.g. Mustelus vanderhoeft, the type of which was never deposited by the author in the RBINS). All species are listed in systematic order, according to the original name, followed by the collection number. The authors have searched the original literature to the type locality and the type stratum as they were specified at the time. Since many species were defined in the19th and early20th centuries, much of that data was outdated, but they were completely revised and adapted to modern nomenclature, a titanic work. Furthermore, the original publication is given species by species and the modern systematic status is given in the notes. The photographs are of high quality and often with more views per copy so that more details are now visible than was possible in older publications. Usually one page per species is provided. It contains an extensive bibliography and the index (with both the old and modern species names) makes searching easier. Thanks to the excellent iconography, the book can also be used as a determination work, but of course only for the types in the RBINS collection.
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2023
Techreport Reference Annual report 2016, CEBioS programme
Located in Library / RBINS Staff Publications 2017