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RBINS Staff Publications 2021

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 122 references in this bibliography folder.

Silva de Souza, ÉM, Freitas, L, da Silva Ramos, EK, Selleghin‑Veiga, G, Carneiro Rachid‑Ribeiro, M, Silva, FA, Marmontel, M, Rodrigues dos Santos, F, Laudisoit, A, Verheyen, E, Domning, DP, and Freitas Nery, M (2021).
The evolutionary history of manatees told by their mitogenomes
Scientific Reports, 11(3564).

Sleurs, W and Strack, HL (2021).
Results of the Rumphius Biohistorical Expedition to Ambon (1990). Part 18. The Rissoinidae and Zebinidae (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda)
Basteria, 85(1):34-58.

Smitz, N, De Wolf, K, Deblauwe, I, Kampen, H, Schaffner, F, De Witte, J, Schneider, A, Verlé, I, Vanslembrouck, A, Dekoninck, W, Meganck, K, Gombeer, S, Vanderheyden, A, De Meyer, M, Backeljau, T, Werner, D, Müller, R, and Van Bortel, W (2021).
Population genetic structure of the Asian bush mosquito, Aedes japonicus (Diptera, Culicidae), in Belgium suggests multiple introductions
Parasites & Vectors, 14(179).

Smitz, N, De Wolf, K, Gheysen, A, Deblauwe, I, Vanslembrouck, A, De Witte, J, Schneider, A, Verlé, I, Dekoninck, W, Meganck, K, Gombeer, S, Vanderheyden, A, De Meyer, M, Backeljau, T, Müller, R, and Van Bortel, W (2021).
DNA identification of species of the Anopheles maculipennis complex and first record of An. daciae in Belgium
Medical and Veterinay Entomology, 35:442-450.

Solé, F, Fischer, V, Denayer, J, Speijer, R, Fournier, M, Le Verger, K, Ladevèze, S, Folie, A, and Smith, T (2021).
The upper Eocene-Oligocene carnivorous mammals from the Quercy Phosphorites (France) housed in Belgian collections
Geologica Belgica, 24(1-2):1-16 (16 pages).

Sunje, E, Bermejo Zuazu, A, Van Damme, R, Backeljau, T, Pojskic, N, Lukic Bilela, L, and Kalamujic Stroil, B (2021).
Genetic diversity and differentiation of alpine salamanders from the Dinarides – an evolutionary perspective with insights for species conservation
Salamandra, 57(1):75-88.

Swinnen, F (2021).
Two new species of Spiniphiline (Gastropoda: Cephalaspidea) from the Middle and Eastern Atlantic Ocean
Gloria Maris, 60(1):2-6.

Telesca, L, Peck, LS, Backeljau, T, Heinig, MF, and Harper, EM (2021).
A century of coping with environmental and ecological changes via compensatory biomineralization in mussels
Global Change Biology, 27:624-639.

Telnov, D and Drumont, A (2021).
Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Trictenotoma Gray, 1832 (Coleoptera: Trictenotomidae). Part 3 – Species from the Philippine Archipelago, with Description of a New Species
Annales Zoologici, 71(1):83-100.

Tessens, B, Monnens, M, Backeljau, T, Jordaens, K, Van Steenkiste, N, Breman, FC, Smeets, K, and Artois, T (2021).
Is ‘everything everywhere’? Unprecedented cryptic diversity in the cosmopolitan flatworm Gyratrix hermaphroditus
Zoologica Scripta, 50(6):837-851.

van de Wolfshaar, K, Barbut, L, and Lacroix, G (2021).
From spawning to first-year recruitment: the fate of juvenile sole growth and survival under future climate conditions in the North Sea
ICES Journal of Marine Science, fsab025.

Van Goethem, J (2021).
Jaarverslag 2020 van het Leopold III-Fonds voor Natuuronderzoek en Natuurbehoud / Rapport annuel 2020 du Fonds Léopold III pour l'Exploration et la Conservation de la Nature
RBINS, Annual Report.

Van Haaren, T, Martin, P, and Dubois, A (2021).
Authorship and date of five family-series nomina in Oligochaeta (Annelida): Lumbricidae, Naididae, Enchytraeidae, Tubificidae and Lumbriculidae
Bionomina, 21(1):140-145.

Van Steenberge, M, Jublier, N, Kever, L, Gresham, S, Derycke, S, Snoeks, J, Parmentier, E, Poncin, P, and Verheyen, E (2021).
The initial response of females towards congeneric males matches the propensity to hybridize in Ophthalmotilapia

Vandenberghe, T, Tagarro, SD, Schaap, D, Clodic, G, Ruiz, JL, Le, HM, Stojanov, Y, Autermann, C, and Jirka, S (2021).
Data management in Eurofleets+: the whole picture
Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, vol. 62(supplement 1), International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems Bollettino di Geofisica teorica ed applicata.

Vanhellemont, Q and Ruddick, K (2021).
Atmospheric correction of Sentinel-3/OLCI data for mapping of suspended particulate matter and chlorophyll-a concentration in Belgian turbid coastal waters
Remote Sensing of Environment, 256:112284.

Verbinnen, G (2021).
Tourism and Pollution: A negative impact on molluscs at Safaga, El Quseir, Marsa Alam and Wadiel Gamal, Red Sea
Gloria Maris, 59(4):158-163.

Verbinnen, G and Segers, L (2021).
To the knowledge of Amphidromus Mirandus Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 and Amphidromus heinrichhuberi Thach & Huber in Thach, 2016 with comments on the publication by Barna Pall-Gergely et al (2020)
Gloria Maris, 60(1):30-33.

Vila, E, Abrahami, P, Albesso, M, Amane, A, Bader, C, Berthon, R, Bouzid, S, Bradley, D, Breniquet, C, Chahoud, J, Davoudi, H, De Cupere, B, Escarguel, G, Estrada, O, Gourichon, L, Helmer, D, Huangfu, W, Lesur, J, Mashkour, M, Michel, C, Mohaseb, A, Orlando, L, Pompanon, F, Studer, J, and Vuillien, M (2021).
EVOSHEEP: the makeup of sheep breeds in the ancient Near East
Antiquity, 95(379).

Wang, W, Zhang, H, Constant, J, Bartlett, CR, and Qin, D (2021).
Characterization, Comparative Analysis and Phylogenetic Implications of Mitogenomes of Fulgoridae (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha)
Genes, 12(1185).

Wouters, W, Ervynck, A, and Van Neer, W (2021).
The pitfalls of diachronic comparisons: fish consumption in the medieval and postmedieval town of Aalst, Belgium
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 13:article number 126.

Yeo, D, Srivathsan, A, Puniamoorthy, J, Maosheng, F, Grootaert, P, Chan, L, Guénard, B, Damken, C, Wahab, RA, Yuchen, A, and Meier, R (2021).
Mangroves are an overlooked hotspot of insect diversity despite low plant diversity
BMC Biology, 19(202).

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