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No RBINS Staff publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 270 references in this bibliography folder.

van de Velde, S (2018).
Electron shuttling and elemental cycling in the seafloor
PhD thesis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel/Universiteit Antwerpen, VUBPRESS Brussels University Press. (ISBN: 9789057187650).

van de Velde, S, Mills, BJ, Meysman, FJ, Lenton, TM, and Poulton, SW (2018).
Early Palaeozoic ocean anoxia and global warming driven by the evolution of shallow burrowing
Nature Communications, 9(2554).

Welkenhuysen, K, Compernolle, T, Meyvis, B, Moretti, M, Piessens, K, Roefs, P, and Swennen, R (2018).
Economic and environmental comparison of CO2 storage and enhanced oil recovery project configurations in the North Sea
In: Proceedings of the 6th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2018.

Welkenhuysen, K, Compernolle, T, Meyvis, B, Moretti, M, Piessens, K, Roefs, P, and Swennen, R (2018).
Opportunities for a CO2-enhanced oil recovery project in the North Sea: analysis of profitability and environmental impact
In: Proceedings of the Fifth EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop, pp. 4.

Welkenhuysen, K, Meyvis, B, Swennen, R, and Piessens, K (2018).
Economic threshold of CO2-EOR and CO2 storage in the North Sea: a case study of the Claymore, Scott and Buzzard oil fields
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 78:271-285.

Welkenhuysen, K, Piessens, K, Vanbrabant, Y, Verheyden, S, and Burlet, C (2018).
NiphNet: a self-governing environmental monitoring network
In: Proceedings of the 6th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2018.

Zhou, C, van de Velde, S, Baeyens, W, and Gao, Y (2018).
Comparison of Chelex based resins in diffusive gradients in thin-film for high resolution assessment of metals
Talanta, 186:397-405.

Bouyer, T (2017).
Description de nouvelles espèces d'Erioderus Thomson, 1861 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae, Macrotomini)
Lambillionea, CXVII(2):135-138.

Hall, PO, Almroth Rosell, E, Bonaglia, S, Dale, AW, Hylén, A, Kononets, M, Nilsson, M, Sommer, S, van de Velde, S, and Viktorsson, L (2017).
Influence of Natural Oxygenation of Baltic Proper Deep Water on Benthic Recycling and Removal of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Silicon and Carbon
Frontiers in Marine Science, 4(27).

Henrard, A and Jocque, R (2017).
A new ant-eating spider genus Sufascar (Araneae: Zodariidae) endemic to Madagascar: a considerable extension of the dual femoral organ clade
Invertebrate Systematics, 31:519-565.

Maquet, D (2017).
Des Taxons d'Anthiini décrits par Pierre Basilewsky dans un manuscrit traitant des Anthiini africains, sans titre (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Anthiinae, Anthiini)
Lambilionea, CXVII(2):139-150.

Schobben, M, van de Velde, S, Gliwa, J, Leda, L, Korn, D, Struck, U, Vinzenz Ullmann, C, Hairapetian, V, Ghaderi, A, Korte, C, Newton, RJ, Poulton, SW, and Wignall, PB (2017).
Latest Permian carbonate carbon isotope variability traces heterogeneous organic carbon accumulation and authigenic carbonate formation
Climate of the Past, 13:1635-1659.

Sehnal, R (2017).
Review of the central African leaf chafer genus Entypophana Moser, 1913 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae: Schizonychini)
Zootaxa, 4258(2):157-171.

van de Velde, S, Callebaut, I, Gao, Y, and Meysman, FJ (2017).
Impact of electrogenic sulfur oxidation on trace metal cycling in a coastal sediment
Chemical Geology, 452:9-23.

Van Noten, K, Lecocq, T, Sira, C, Hinzen, K, and Camelbeeck, T (2017).
Path and site effects deduced from merged transfrontier internet macroseismic data of two recent M4 earthquakes in NW Europe using a grid cell approach.
Solid Earth, 8:453-477.

Cardoen, S, Thiry, E, Vangeluwe, D, Dewulf, J, Saegerman C, Lambrecht, B, Vandecan, M, Houdart, P, and Van den Berg, T (2016).
Virus influenza aviaire hautement pathogène H5N8: particularités et implication pour la surveillance en Belgique.
épidémiologie et santé animale.

De Smet, B, Braeckman, U, Soetaert, K, Vincx, M, and Vanaverbeke, J (2016).
Predator effects on the feeding and bioirrigation activity of ecosystem-engineered Lanice conchilega reefs

Ferreira, H, Vangeluwe, D, Van Borm, S, Poncin, O, Dumont, N, Oshelvaci, O, Munir, M, Van den Berg, T, and Lambrecht, B (2016).
Differential Viral Fitness Between H1N1 and H3N8 Avian Influenza Viruses Isolated from Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos).
Avian Diseases.

Garrett, E and Heyvaert, VM (2016).
Fragmented records of extreme wave events and abrupt changes in relative sea level along the eastern Nankai Trough, Japan
In: SLACC 2016, UK.

Kint, L, van Heteren, S, Lagring, R, and Van Lancker, V (2016).
Versatility of marine geological databases in view of MSFD related assessments
In: Abstract Booklet - North Sea Open Science Conference 2016, pp. 147, p. 99, & RBINS OD Nature (Belgium).

Lamair, L, Hubert-Ferrari, A, Boes, E, Yamamoto, S, Garrett, E, Heyvaert, VM, Fujiwara, O, Yokoyama, Y, and De Batist, M (2016).
Investigation of the Five Fuji Lakes and their potential of recording paleoearthquakes
In: Abstract book of the 5th International Geologica Belgica 2016 Congress, Mons, Belgium.

Lambrecht, B, Marche, S, Houdart, P, Van den Berg, T, and Vangeluwe, D (2016).
. Impact of Age, Season, and Flowing vs. Stagnant Water Habitat on Avian Influenza Prevalence in Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) in Belgium.
Avian Diseases.

Litvin, K and Vangeluwe, D (2016).
The Bewick’s Swan is a paradox
Swan News.

Nakamura, A, Boes, E, Bruckner, H, De Batist, M, Fujiwara, O, Garrett, E, Heyvaert, VM, Hubert-Ferrari, A, Lamair, L, Miyairi, Y, Obrachta, S, Shishikura, M, Yamamoto, S, Yokoyama, Y, and team, Q (2016).
Geological evidence for tsunamis and earthquakes from Lake Hamana and Fuji Five Lakes
In: , JPGU 2016 , Chiba, Japan.

Prochazka, P, Hahn, S, Rolland, S, Van der Jeugd, H, Csorgo, T, Jiguet, F, Mokwa, T, Liechti, F, Vangeluwe, D, and Korner-Nievergelt, F (2016).
Delineating large-scale migratory connectivity of reed warblers using integrated multistate models.
Diversity and Distributions.

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